Walnut Creek Dog Trainer

In June of 2006 a man from Walnut Creek contacted Bay Area Dog Trainer regarding dog training for his family’s one year old male Labrador Retriever Max. “We are looking for Walnut Creek Dog Training because our dog Max is extremely fearful of pretty much everything. We can’t leave without him getting separation anxiety and he doesn’t want to play. We tried taking him to puppy obedience classes but he was too afraid to participate in puppy class and then hired a personal in home dog trainer but, Max wouldn’t participate with the dog trainer either. We just want our dog to be happy. Can Bay Area Dog Trainer help?”

In my time as a local Walnut Creek Dog Trainer I have learned that regardless of what’s going on with any dog behavior case, It’s best to put everyone through the same process because everyone’s situation is a little different but, there is always a crack in the system somewhere so, if we rule out what the family is doing right and wrong, we will find the answer.

When I met with the family, I had more questions than usual to ask because this is not very typical of a one year old Lab. It seemed they were doing mostly the right things with there dog except when it came to structure. I asked about walks only to find out that the dog rarely leaves the home. When I asked why? The answer was that the two teenage children were too busy with school; the mother was too busy with work and knowing that the father likes to run I asked him why he doesn’t take Max running with him? “That’s My Time” he said. This dog was also not properly socialized when he was a puppy. So the walls were just closing in on Max you see. It doesn’t matter how big your property is, dogs still need to live and experience life.

The solution was simple. Max needs at least a half an hour of exercise, discipline and affection twice a day divided by four family members splitting up the responsibility. By following a simple dog training program and creating a little structure in Max’s life, he has been able to grow into a happier and balanced dog.

Bay Area Dog Trainer