San Francisco Dog Trainer

In October of 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of San Francisco contacted Bay Area Dog Trainer regarding dog training for their one year old Chihuahua Rocky. “We are looking for San Francisco Dog Training because our little dog Rocky is in serious need of help. We had a local San Francisco Dog Trainer come out a month ago but, were told that no amount of dog training would cure Rocky’s aggressive behavior towards people and dogs. The problem is that when we take our dog on a walk, he lunges at other dogs and people even if they aren’t very close. They could be on the other side of the street and he will do anything he can to get to the other dog or person. When people come over we have to put him away or at least hold him because he will attack anyone who comes near the sofa or us. The holidays are coming and we are afraid to entertain because of Rocky’s bad behavior. We have been battling with this idea that Rocky could not be cured with any amount of dog training and find this hard to believe being that the rest of the time when he is just around us, he is the sweetest little dog and we don’t want to euthanize him. Please Help!”

In my time as a San Francisco Bay Area Dog Trainer, I have seen this time and time again especially in small breeds. Small dogs seem to have fewer rules than big dogs and are typically pampered. This is a case of dominance over the people that are supposed to be the dog’s leaders. The dog is just claiming the things that it possesses (the sofa and its owners). This dog is just doing what comes naturally when given inconsistent messages by the owners. By setting down the proper rules and guidelines in a way that dogs understand plus giving your dog some structure, constancy and repetition with exercise and discipline followed by affection and reward after participating in a good dog training program, you will be not only polishing your leadership skills but, will simply be giving your dog a balanced life that will just lead to good dog behavior.

I’m happy to say that after participating in my dog training program Rocky is now happy, healthy and well behaved.

Bay Area Dog Trainer