Picking A Dog Trainer

February 19, 2014   |   Posted In All About Dogs

When choosing a dog trainer in the bay area, you’ll want to find a well rounded and diverse dog trainer that can adapt to any situation.  Every dog, dog owner and situation is different so you want a dog trainer that is one part dog behaviorist, one part dog handler and one part dog trainer.  About 80% of my clients have hired one, two or three dog trainers before me because almost every dog trainer out there specializes in only one of the three components.

Don’t trust web reviews!  It’s highly manipulated.  Technology can really mess things up for businesses that need to be old school (like teaching for example).  Referrals are great, but there is nothing like a good heart to heart conversation to get a feel for what the dog trainer is all about.  Have an open mind because your talking to a professional dog trainer that wants to help you and if the dog trainer doesn’t spend a little time evaluating what your needs are, then they probably don’t have the passion to be a dog trainer.  There are a lot of dog trainers out there just making a living and not in this business for the passion and for the fact that people need help understanding dogs.

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