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Behavior Modification:

Aggressive, Dominant and Fearful Dogs.

Problem Solving:

Jumping, Nipping and Mouthing, Unruly Behavior, Begging, Stealing Food, Jumping on Furniture, Excessive Barking, Inappropriate Chewing, House Training, Digging, Bolting, Etc…

Obedience Training:

Sit, Sit-Stay, Up-Sit, Down, Down-Stay, Stand, Stand-Stay Heel, Return To Heel, Leave It Come when called, Loose-Leash Walking, Working from a distance, Etc…

Bay Area Dog Training

“The key to having a well trained dog is to become a well trained handler”

I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been involved with dogs my entire life. I have grown up with them, I have studied them and I have trained them. The biggest challenge in my career as a Bay Area Dog Trainer was changing my way of thinking when I started studying canine behavior in depth when I was in my early twenties. It all became abundantly clear that dogs are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Studies show that all breeds still think like the wolf that they came from thousands of years ago and have cohabited with us for so long that they actually look at us not only as pack members, but also for leadership and guidance. Any problems that we typically have with dogs stem back to the primal mind. We must understand and deal with the canine primal mind before we can solve any behavioral problems and then we analyze the breed traits and characteristics that may be common for that breed. All breed characteristics go back to the part of the wolf that we wanted to instill in a particular breed for the working purpose of the breed. Most of us treat our dogs like buddies instead of children that need proper leadership and guidance so that they can develop into balanced, happy and well behaved dogs…

DS Dagg, CPDT & Behaviorist

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